archive 29: April 27. 2007
Life's Lessons
When I first began writing essays, I thought I could do some good. My motivation was pure and it still is. However, after nearly three years, I feel as if I have fallen into a pit of filth.

I have made many mistakes along the way but they have been made out of a combination of love and lack of discernment.

For example, when I used to read the essays of John Kaminski, I thought that the man had a good mind and a good heart. I was saddened when I would read his pleas for money and, being a sucker, I sent him donations and tried to help him in various ways. It was not long before he was calling me and telling me all his personal problems. From there, we developed a relationship. The real John Kaminski turned out to be a whole different story. He is possessed of a blind Jew hatred which masquerades under "helping the world see Jewish Supremacism". He treated people like scum, whether it was a waiter in a restaurant or a guard in a museum. Yes, friends, he treated Black people like scum, though he professes to be their friends. He would have obscure fits in restaurants, because the food was not up to his standards. (though he was not even paying for the meal) Ask my son and his wife. I was mortified.

John Kaminski uses people. He uses Jewish women too. He uses anyone for money. In addition, in my studied observations over time, he is a chronic liar. In his "Johnny hates the Jews" essays, he takes obscure practices from obscure Jewish sects and makes the non Jewish world think that all Jews are deviants. He blathers on about the Babylonian Talmud even though his friend Ed said, with both of us present, that, during his "almost conversion" he was never exposed to any racism in the Talmud. Well, Johnny Boy, many Jews are not. I have family and friends who have not. Why not be fair? Most Jews are just trying to get along. They are not the Luciferian Big Boys.

Mr. K wrote a piece (and then re-wrote it) It was called Parasite Alert. (more aptly the story of his life) Perhaps he noticed that the lies were too obvious. He gave me a false maiden name and tried to link me with a Rabbi. John, who has been to my house for weeks at a time, knows that we do not practice the Jewish religion. The essay was filled with lies and left me feeling helpless and misjudged.

In addition, I never asked John Kaminski to write The Foreword of my book. I had asked my friend, and author, Mary. She was quite busy and John volunteered. It struck me as odd, since he never even wanted to read my essays. Perhaps he thought it would be good for his pathetic career.

John and his "handler" Barbra renee have tried to sabotage my career. John had advised me not to go on Hesham Tillawi's show with David Duke. He said that it would be bad for my career. When I did not listen, his girlfriend (I did not know, at the time, that he was still seeing her) tried her best to get me canceled. It did not work. She even pulled a catatonic fit.

Strangely enough, it had the reverse effect. Many people would write to me appalled by Mr. K. They could see my heart and soul through my essays. I made a lot of friends. Unfortunately, there were others who fell for John Kaminski's "style without substance".

Recently, Ms. Brighenti tried to sabotage me when an essay of mine was printed on a site.

"Barbra-renee Brighenti"
To: wvns-owner@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [wvns] Sami Al-Arian Still in Jail
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:09:14 -0500

Why are you carrying this jewish bitches work? If you let this type through the gate you will loose everything-Barbra-renee>>

I have heard many things about this nefarious pair.....but it is hearsay. What I have seen and experienced is a different matter. I saw how John got himself thrown off several Internet shows and sites because of his lying. (although he tried to blame his favorite groups...the Jews) I saw how John quit his last job because he did not like the hours and the commute and then blamed it on the Jews. He is lazy. He would rather live off women and write essays spewing hatred and venom. He has made a choice to live in hell.